The Institute of Forensic Electro-Pathology

The IFE-P is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing the knowledge base of electro-pathology. Our extensive incident archive includes failure artifacts and exemplars, photo and video galleries, safety information, accident statistics and failure rates.

Forensic Electro-Pathology

Forensic electro-pathology is the study of electrical failure and injury suitable for a court of law.


The Institute of Forensic Electro-Pathology was founded to provide the forensic engineering and science industry an incident database and artifact collection to service the legal, insurance, product liability, subrogation and claims industry.

Professor Helmut Brosz founded the institute and has received contributions in the form of artifacts from electrical utilities, contractors, the testing industry, and Brosz & Associates.

Our Mission

The Institute of Forensic Electro-Pathology provides leadership to advance engineering sciences and its applications within the legal and insurance system.

The Institute of Forensic Electro-Pathology main objectives are:

Resources, Services and Support

As a non-profit organization there are several avenues which the Institute of Forensic Electro-Pathology utilizes to aid a variety of industries. A small selection of which are:

IFE-P is strongly supported by Brosz & Associates and their contributors' collections. These items include but are not limited to: circuit breakers, fuses, overhead line hardware, cable (HV/LV) collection, transformer artifact collection, motor generator artificat collection, and wiring devices.